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Zheen Barbers Haircut and Shave is a place on the wine Street Bristol Town Centre where you may get a haircut and shave. It's one of the city's few remaining traditional barbershops. This neighborhood's favourite barbershop, which was originally located on Wine St, has been present long before the influx of trendy new age salons in the region. Zheen Barbers Haircut and Shave adds service with a smile and professionalism to conventional barbering by excelling in haircuts and unusual barbering talents such as the hot towel shave. We give today's guy the experience of a traditional barbershop, a place where he may relax and feel at ease. Our team is made up of highly trained barbers hand-picked by Zheen, the shop's owner and master barber, to ensure that each treatment is delivered with precision.

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John Prosser
John Prosser
Good haircut
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Mohsen Davodi
We like their work
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Veronika Dudas
Mani Alborz
Mani Alborz
The best place I went
Rasol Sis
Rasol Sis
I was the zheen barber today and the staffs were really friendly I really like it.
Kamal Sam
Kamal Sam
number one 👌
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Zheen Barbers is a barbershop for men where you can get all types of trendy stylish
haircuts by professionals. If you want to keep your trendy looks as always so easily you can
get your haircut done here.Barbers who are masters of their craft. Service that is customised to you. Both traditional and contemporary.

Barbershops for males only used to have a shady reputation in England. If you passed one, you'd probably think twice about going inside. Bristol entrepreneur Hassan, on the other hand, has carved out a place for himself by providing both traditional wet shaves and a nice, modern man's haircut.

Hassan began working in the sector at the age of eighteen and discovered that high-street chains lacked knowledge about men's grooming. He realised there was a demand for someone who specialised in a cleaner, more precise, more consistent cut. He's taken what he likes about traditional barbershops and given men's haircuts a modern touch.

Skin fade Hair Cut Bristol

When you walk in for a haircut, your barber may mention giving you a Skin Fade haircut”fade” cut. What does he mean, and how will your hair appear as a result?

The “fade” hairstyle is a fashionable short haircut for men—it even made Google’s “Year in Search” trending data list for 2020—and it’s also known as “military reg.” It simply means that your hair tapers from the bottom to the top and that you can wear it as near to the skin as you like.

Skin fades” are cuts that start practically at the skin at the nape of the neck and gradually (or rapidly) taper to longer hair as they make their way up your head.

A “high skin fade” may almost reach the crown of your head before getting longer, exposing a lot of flesh.A “medium skin fade” will start to lengthen across the centre of your head.
A “low skin fade” exposes very little skin—just a little amount on the upper neck—and leaves short hairs that become longer as they go up to the top of your head.



Relax in the chair and enjoy the greatest close shave you’ve ever had. We wash your entire face, then use tea tree-infused cloths to open up your skin pores in preparation for a first shave and a closer second razor blade shave. This is the ideal pampering present, since it is completed with a thorough face cleaning, facial massage, and moisturiser application. We also provide soothing facials to treat you and your skin. Hot Towel Shave and Hair Cut Give Extra Glims on your face and hair style. Our Customer Favourite Service.


Many of our male grooming clients tell us that we provide the greatest beard trim in Bristol, and we wanted to express our gratitude while also emphasising why we specialise in beard trimming and grooming. Traditional Barbers Beard Trim Services Here in Bristol.

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We Offer Wide Range of Hair Cut Services like Scissor Cut Skin Fade Pattern Etc. Our Barbers Fully Experience and certified give best advise or recommend you further

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Men Barbers Bristol ZHEEN BARBERS takes pleasure in making our customers look their best with each haircut. We only engage the greatest barbers who can give you the style you desire or advise you on what look would be ideal for you, and our booking platform eliminates the need for you to waste time waiting in store.

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Skin Fade Hair Cut

Mens Hair Cut Bristol Daily Updates The highly skilled staff at Zheen Barbers is now providing our amazing new skin fade service to our esteemed customers in response to high …

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Zheen Barbers Since 2018 on the Wine Street near to the bus stop Broadmead.At our barbers, we take pleasure in offering exceptional client service, which has helped us become one of the best barbers in Bristol. Our high-quality services employ only the highest-quality materials, ensuring that every client who visits our barbershop has the greatest experience possible.
33 Wine St, Bristol BS1 2BQ